Last year, the singers of Academy of Voices sat down and thought hard about what we have accomplished, what we bring to the table individually and collectively, and what we can do for our audiences and singers moving forward. We established a mission statement and identified four core values that guide us on our path forward. Now, just over a year later, we are excited to announce a new name for the choir: Aliro Voices!

Aliro Voices

The name Aliro Voices encompasses our core values more fully and reflects the path forward we have identified. ‘Aliro’ is a word that means ‘access’. Our commitment to accessibility is expressed by one of our four core values, and we always strive to enable anyone to reach and understand our music. Even beyond this, ‘Aliro’ comes from the Esperanto language, which was created specifically as a means to break down barriers between communities and facilitate communication, understanding, collaboration, and peace. This emphasizes not only our commitment to accessibility, but also the importance we place on shared community and collaboration.

‘Aliro Voices’ describes what we do, and it also embodies our hopes for what we can all do together moving forward.

Announcing our new name: Aliro Voices