Autumn 2018 Call for Scores

Aliro Voices is seeking pieces for chamber choir and marimba, to be performed at their autumn 2018 concert. Pieces may be reworked from previous works or previous submissions, but new works are preferred.

Due Date: October 5th, 2018
Performance Date: December 2nd, 2018
Prize: $200

  • Pieces must be written for SATB chamber choir and marimba (5 octave).
  • Up to 8 parts (one split per part, SSAATTBB) are available, but smaller voicings are preferred.
  • Any extra divisi submitted without consulting the group will not be accepted.
  • Marimba part may include up to four mallets.
  • Special effects (bowed marimba, etc.) are allowed.
  • Small extra percussion parts (triangle, crotales) that can be played idiomatically by the marimba player are allowed.
  • 3–6 minutes in length.
  • Greater consideration will be given to secular/non-religious pieces.

Multiple works may be chosen, depending on the difficulty and quality of submission. 1st place will win a monetary prize and receive a performance, and any subsequent work(s) selected will receive a performance. We reserve the right not to select any submissions.

Score Submission

  • By submitting your score, you grant us permission to copy the music freely (exclusively for our use), to perform the work, to record the work, and to print the text in programs and on our website. Further, you guarantee that either the text used in your piece is in the public domain or that you have obtained all necessary rights for its use, including but not limited to all those stated above. Proof of permission may be requested. Score submission does not guarantee performance. If your piece is selected for performance, you will be notified at the email address provided. If a recording of the performance is made, you will receive a copy of the recording for your use, though you may not sell the recording.